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Automation: Preconfigured Robotic Modules with Easy Setup & Operation

Preconfigured modules from Hahn Automation come with camera-equipped setup from a tablet.


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Hahn Automation has launched the first of a line of preconfigured automation modules for a variety of industrial tasks. Dubbed SmartSolutions, these self-contained modules come with “smart intuitive automation” (SIA) software designed to make them very easy to set up and operate—from a tablet. The user interface design uses symbols and graphics, similar to a smartphone, for ease of navigation. The system guides the user through a step-by-step setup process. Some program sections are preconfigured for particular types of operations. Each SmartSolutions module comes with a camera that sends a live photo during setup, for maximum precision in definition of the processing points.

In August, Hahn introduced SmartSolutions Press for joining and press-in processes; SmartSolutions Torque for screwing processes; and SmartSolutions Dispense for dosing and greasing. Further system types for laser marking and optical inspection are in development.