Stretch Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Blow Molding: ‘Individual Mold Control’ for PET Reheat Stretch-Blow Machines

Agr International and KHS are offering independent control of individual PET bottle blowing stations.


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Agr International, Inc., Butler, Pa., a specialist in quality-monitoring and process-control systems for PET stretch-blow molding, has teamed up with KHS, a major supplier of reheat stretch-blow machines (U.S. office in Waukesha, Wis.), to add another level of control for PET bottle making. The two firms worked to enhance Agr’s Process Pilot controls with new Individual Mold Control for KHS Series IV and V machines. Monitoring the performance of individual molds through the Process Pilot system can quickly identify and correct issues at individual mold stations and captures valuable mold performance data that can help determine the optimal time for system maintenance.

Agr’s Process Pilot system works with the blow molding machine to proactively manage and maintain container material distribution at a specified thickness within around 0.01 mm. This is accomplished by continuously monitoring each bottle for material distribution, analyzing minute changes, and adjusting the machine controls accordingly. Individual Mold Control takes this to the next level by eliminating mold-to-mold variability that is common in PET bottle production.