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4/4/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cleaner Combines Dry Ice Pellet Production and Dry Ice Blasting

Originally titled 'Cleaner Combines Dry Ice Pellet Production and Dry Ice Blasting'
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Cold Jet says that the Combi 120H eliminates the need for cleaning parts with aqueous methods that require part drying and water treatment or containment systems.

Cold Jet is in booth W483 at NPE2018. The Combi 120H is an automated system that combines dry ice pellet production with dry ice blasting. The system integrates seamlessly into existing production lines for surface preparation of parts prior to painting or bonding or for automated deflashing and deburring solutions. The system connects into existing plant monitoring systems and can be monitored remotely for any field service requirements. Cold Jet says that the Combi 120H eliminates the need for cleaning parts with aqueous methods that require part drying and water treatment or containment systems. At the show, the system runs using a collaborative Universal Robotics Model 10 robot.

This automated solution makes it possible for dry ice blasting equipment to be integrated within a production line via a robotic system. The automated system is equipped with a pelletizer unit that guarantees continuous cleaning with freshly made dry ice. The automated system is placed in a sound reduction chamber that controls the noise and provides for the extraction and filtering of air.

Additionally, Cold Jet demonstrates cleaning various mold surfaces of chrome-plated molds and coated molds (DLC and Chroma Plus) from Oerlikon. Cold Jet also cleans very delicate Class A1 mold surfaces. Booth W483 also includes an Industry 4.0-ready RoboBlast environmental cleaning and surface preparation machine, which is a blaster with connectivity to automation lines and plant monitoring systems.

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NPE2018 Exhibitor

Cold Jet

Booth: W483

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