Compounding | 1 MINUTE READ

Compounding: Higher-Performing Pilot Machine

Series is height adjustable and can process highly filled and viscous materials.


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The P 2.0 series single-screw compounder from Collin has an output capacity 25% above previous models and can operate at speeds of 1200 rpm with a torque rating of 13 Nm/cm3, allowing it to process highly viscous or highly filled materials. The series is available with processing lengths from 36 L/D to 60 L/D. Moreover, multiple side feeders with gravimetric or volumetric dosage can be added.

Designed for pilot production, the series features a height-adjustable and space-saving design, allowing it to be used as a coextruder in blown film and other applications. The screw can easily be pulled backwards out of the machine for cleaning without having to move the machine.

High-Output, Small-Footprint Compounder

Collin’s control CMI 17 comes as an option. At the distribution gear, exchangeable cylinder elements with coded plugs can be arranged in nearly any order, since the control recognizes the respective function via the coding.