Guide for Inclined Pin Enables High-Force Absorption



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The E 3064 guide for inclined pin from Meusburger achieves optimal surface contact with the inclined pin and best material pairings, which results in a high-force absorption. The machining of the pocket in the slide is possible without inclining. Additionally, the slide stroke can be adjusted subsequently by customizing or adjusting the position of the guide for an inclined pin.

Meusburger developed the E 3064 guide for inclined pin to address the challenge of the inclined surface machining of the guiding hole in the slide. The product is inserted in the slide and forms the contact surface for the inclined pin. The special geometry in the hole creates full-surface contact between the inclined pin and the guiding. Meusburger says that to introduce the guide to the inclined pin, the machinist cuts a rectangular pocket with a threaded hole in the slide and then provides the required clearance for the inclined pin. The machining therefore can be carried out on a conventional three-axle machine and before the hardening. It is possible to execute the installation conveniently from the split line face. The E 3064 guide for inclined pin is available from stock for inclined pins with diameters of 1230 mm.