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Injection Molding: Beam-Mounted Articulated Robot For Medium to Large Presses

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Four-axis jointed-arm servo robot runs on a linear fifth servo axis for low headroom.

New from HYRobotics is the H5 series for demolding and handling large parts is suited to applications with low headroom and need to automate secondary operations. These articulated robots have an unusual design with four servo axes, including two wrist motions, plus a servo traverse axis along a beam. It comes with a new, 7.5-in. touchscreen controller, two vacuum circuits (with sensor), one gripper circuit and one pressure circuit, both with monitoring sensor input. (Watch a video of the robot in action on a 2500-ton press at http://short.ptonline.com/HYRobotics.)


  • What to Do About Weak Weld Lines

    Weld or knit lines are perhaps the most common and difficult injection molding defect to eliminate.

  • How to Reduce Sinks

    Modifications to the common core pin can be a simple solution, but don’t expect all resins to behave the same. Gas assist is also worth a try.

  • How to Stop Flash

    Flashing of a part can occur for several reasons—from variations in the process or material to tooling trouble.

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