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Injection Molding: New Electric & Hybrid Injection Machines, and a ‘Sneak Peek’ at More to Come

Four new models of economically priced injection machines from Absolute Haitian boast enhanced clamp and injection specs, while also offering energy savings.


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Four new models of economically priced injection machines boast enhanced clamp and injection specs, while also offering energy savings. Absolute Haitian, the exclusive U.S. and Canadian representative for Ningbo Haitian Machinery Co. of China, is putting these new presses—two of them available now and two still at the preview stage of development—through their paces at NPE2018 next month in Orlando.

Making its debut in the Americas is the new Zhafir Jenius Series for large-part precision molding (506 to 3709 U.S. tons). Aimed particularly at automotive molders, the JE series combines an all-electric injection unit with a servo-hydraulic, two-platen clamp. The end result is said to combine energy efficiency, short footprint, and greater repeatability—less than 0.1% variation in part weight from cycle to cycle. It also allows for screw recovery during clamp opening or closing. A 731-tonner will mold a 22.57-oz automotive grille from PP with 19% mineral filler in 60 sec. Part removal will be handled by an integrated top-entry robot from Sepro.

Also new is a fast-cycling version of the Zhafir Zeres electric machine with integrated hydraulics for core pulls, ejectors and nozzle touch. This “2S” version for high-speed applications has a redesigned clamp and injection unit and more compact design with linear guides replacing tiebars. It’s priced to make a precise electric machine affordable for cycle times as fast as 4 sec. The line extends from 44 to 1500 tons. At the show, a 505-ton model SE4500 2S will mold a thin-wall PP container in six cavities (114 g shot) in a 5.5-sec cycle. Side-entry automation will be supplied by sister company Absolute Robot, Inc.

The other two machines are previews of what’s to come. There’s a sneak peek at the third generation of the Haitian Mars servo-hydraulic line, the MAIII. The first model, a 192-ton MA1700 III, will become available in the Americas late in the year, with additional sizes available in 2019. But you can see it run here in Orlando, producing a thick-wall tumbler in two cavities from Eastman’s Tritan copolyester. The 6.35-oz shot runs in 70 sec. What’s notable, according to Absolute Haitian, is that this mold would normally require a 300-ton machine, but the generous tiebar spacing and robust clamp design of the MAIII enables the tumbler mold to run in the 192-tonner.

Another preview from Absolute Haitian is the third generation of the all-electric Venus Series. It boasts upgrades to the clamp design, including “the industry’s most generous tiebar spacing,” according to the company. It also has increased injection-pressure capacity, as well as an open base to improve access to the part-drop area. Molders will get an advance look at the first model to become available later this year, a 101-ton VE900 III, running an eight-cavity mold for a medical in-dwelling needle body of cellulose acetate proprionate (0.035-oz shot) in 10.5 sec. The Venus III series will range from 45 to 899 tons.