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Injection Molding: New Machine Series Features Multiple Upgrades

Toyo’s new Si-6s series offers faster auto purging, automatic process adjustments to material viscosity changes, first-stage fill verification and a larger, intuitive touch control.


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Maruka USA (Lee’s Summit, Mo.), the exclusive North American distributor of Toyo Electric and FCS servo-hydraulic injection molding machines, is introducing Toyo’s new all-electric Si-6s series press to the market. The Si-6s is a continuation of the Si-6 series machine launched in 2015. Featuring a clamp force range from 55 to 1050 tons, the Si-6s series reportedly offers many enhanced features and improved performance, as well as a larger 18.5-in. color touch screen control. According to a Maruka spokesperson, the previous screen measured in at 15-in. so this represents a roughly 20% increase.

Toyo provides a wide selection of injection units according to molding requirements, offering Standard, High Pressure, High Speed and  Ultra High Speed. The clamp has an open access design to facilitate accessibility for mold installation and ejector tie-in.

Augmented Auto Purge

Maruka says the Toyo Si-6s series takes the normal “auto purge” function of a machine a step further. Ordinarily that function automatically builds and purges a full shot a set number of times, expending time and material for the molder. With Toyo’s new machine, the screw is fully retracted during auto purge and then the servo motor oscillates the screw back and forth at high speed. Comparing the motion to a washing machine, Maruka says the high-speed screw oscillation effectively “scrubs” material off the screw, reducing time and material waste by 50%. In addition to purging, this function has been used by Toyo customers to clean the screw, removing black specks that could break free and lodge in clear parts, impacting quality, without the need to completely pull the screw from the machine for cleaning.

On-the-Fly Viscosity Adjustments

Toyo says its Meltcon option controls and automatically adjusts to the resin’s melt viscosity. Measuring injection pressure at a certain speed, Meltcon calculates and displays melt viscosity. It then automatically adjusts barrel temperatures, within a specific range, so the melt viscosity is maintained within the preset parameters and a more consistent process—and parts—can result.

Checking First-Stage Fill

Toyo says its Fill Only feature removes guess work from checking first-stage fill. Molders simply enter the required number of cycles and turn Fill Only on. After Fill Only completes the desired number of cycles, the process reverts to the standard set up. The screw is held steady throughout Fill Only verification by varying the screw forward pressure to maintain the screw at the V-P changeover set point. Toyo says this is the best way to simulate first-stage filling without screw bounce being a factor.

All New Smart-Phone-Like Control

The Si-6s features an all new control system specifically developed for the series—the System 800 Control. Toyo says this control operates much like the touch screen of a smartphone, making it more intuitive. Users can swipe from one graphic to another and zoom in or out by pinching in or spreading out with their fingers. They can also input handwritten notes and have drag and drop capability to customize a given process. Users can upload any videos or training documents to show operators how to check the parts, for instance, or see part-packaging instructions. Any PDFs can be uploaded as well, including machine manuals or part drawings. Toyo notes that the System 800 control also allows the customer to input their own machine sequence without writing any special software, with the machine able to automatically check the sequence and verify its safety.

Toyo 6i-6s

Toyo’s new 6i-6s all-electric injection molding machines mark a continuation of the Si-6 series machine launched in 2015.