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Injection Molding: Three New Machine Lines and a Debut in Robots

Yizumi-HPM debuts new all-electric, servohydraulic and two-platen lines, as well as a series of Cartesian robots.


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Yizumi-HPM is introducing three new lines of injection machines designed for North America and the debut of a full line of linear Cartesian robots. The firm’s newest all-electric presses are the FF-N series in seven models from 135 to 500 U.S. tons, with shot sizes from 2 to 80 oz. These come with a small, fully integrated servohydraulic power pack for cores, ejectors and carriage movements. FF-N machines utilize Yizumi-HPM’s own SDC (servo direct control) technology for rapid closed-loop response of speed and pressure control. SDC technology also ensures full electric closed-loop control of injection, plasticating, and clamp speed and position accuracy.

Also brand-new is the PAC-K generation of servohydraulic packaging machines in sizes of 275, 385 and 500 tons with shot sizes of 7 to 24 oz. They are said to offer a boost in efficiency by not utilizing hydraulic accumulators. All models deliver injection seeds up to 23 in./sec (585 mm/sec). The clamp unit incorporates a “negative-angle” toggle with linear bearing guides, no tiebar bushings, and “ultra-rigid” platens for minimum deflection.

The company has expanded its DP-N servohydraulic two-platen line with new MultiPro multi-material models. Available for these machines is a servo-driven turntable with SDC control to provide fast, smooth motion with position repeatability of ±0.005°.

Yizumi-HPM is also adding a full line of Cartesian robots and pickers for all its presses. They include high-speed and dual-arm models.

All these new products will be on display at the company’s open house on Oct. 30 at its technical center in Iberia, Ohio.