Join the ColorStream revolution from Plastrac

The Plastrac ColorStream system is designed with safety and ease of use in mind. 


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In blending, ColorStream changes everything. It increases safety. It slashes overhead. It saves on time, labor and energy. It simplifies color changes. Plastrac’s patented, modular, virtually maintenance-free system moves blending and color-changing to ground level. No more catwalks, scissor lifts, ladders, or climbing to swap out heavy canisters or perform maintenance.  Additionally, because it is cart-based, ColorStream can move easily between multiple machines. ColorStream works with extruders, injection molding machines and injection blow molding machines of all sizes. Each cart can support up to four additive feeders. The blend is conveyed to the machine feed throat via high-pressure compressed air from the factory central system. Call us for full details.


3824 Miller Road

Newtown Square, PA 19073

Eric Bullivant



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