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Materials: First Soft-Touch 3D Printing Material

Excellent mechanical properties plus luxuriant feel are claimed for this first next-generation filament for FDM.


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What is said to be the world’s first soft-touch 3D printing material represents the first launch of next-generation 3D printing filaments being jointly developed by Sweden’s Perstorp (U.S. office in Toledo, Ohio) and Dutch company 3D4Makers.Through their joint collaboration, both companies are aiming to provide new 3D printing materials to market that will serve customers with the toughest requirements in medical and manufacturing using 3D printing. They are designed for FDM (fused deposition modeling) type systems

Called Facilian C8, this proprietary filament is said to exhibit better layer adhesion and reportedly has the best surface quality in 3D printing materials on the market. Said to be a step-change, C8 enables the best-looking parts at the best dimensional accuracy. Developed for high throughput manufacturing applications of consumer-friendly parts, its boasts excellent mechanical qualities and a luxurious soft-touch feel. Stronger than ABS yet easier to process than PLA, C8’s surface quality and low warping outperform other filaments.