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10/8/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

MES Platform Adds Energy Monitoring Module

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Wittmann Battenfeld’s TEMI+ manufacturing execution system (MES) software has added the IMAGOxt software module to track energy consumption and more on a plant floor.

During the virtual launch of products it would have introduced in-person at the Coronavirus-cancelled Fakuma, Wittmann Battenfeld (U.S. headquarters in Torrington, Conn.) announced the introduction of the IMAGOxt energy software module to its TEMI+ manufacturing execution system (MES).

Wittmann Battenfeld TEMI+ IMAGOxt

Wittmann Battenfeld says its latest addition to its TEMI+ MES platform, IMAGOxt, allows processors to track and compare energy usage by cell. 

In an online press event, the company said users can use the module to create customized key performance indicators (KPIs), reports and alarms, as well as conduct cost analysis of current energy consumption. Intuitive graphical representations of key metrics around energy can help processors understand consumption, according to Wittmann Battenfeld, which says the software is optimized to interact with TEMI+. Wittmann Battenfeld said IMAGOxt can also integrate with existing energy metering systems.

Users can create personalized dashboards, which show real-time indicators, weekly indicators and a Sankey chart flow diagram where the width of the arrow is proportional to the flow rate, allowing users to discover how energy flows are used inside a company.

Detailed information can be shown by each machine, with the opportunity to create setpoints for auxiliaries. „The idea of IMAGo is to give the user a much better understanding of the energy consumption of all equipment, operations, and the company, „ Michael Wittmann, managing director of Wittmann Battenfeld.

Wittmann Battenfeld TEMI+ IMAGOxt

With the new IMAGOxt module, users can track energy usage across an entire company.