Minimum Energy, Maximum Savings. Dry Better with ULTRA

The ULTRA dryer, from Maguire Products, is an energy-efficient dryer for use in the plastics industry.


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Based on unique vacuum drying technology, ULTRA is an energy-efficient dryer for use in the plastics industry.

Conventional desiccant dryers typically use 45 Watts/lb/h to dry material. ULTRA uses just 4 Watts/lb/hr to dry.

On a process running 220 lb/hr, an ULTRA dryer is said to save up to $6,494 annually doing the same job. This cost is based on 220 pounds (100 kilograms) per hour, 6000 hours per year, kW cost at a national average of $0.12 per kW.

ULTRA dryer also reduces your Global Warming Potential (GWP). On a process running 220 lb/hr ULTRA saves 54,120 kW a year—a saving of 38.6 tons CO2 each year. That's the equivalent of planting 645 new trees, every year, for 10 years.

ULTRA Dryer smart features and controls achieve faster drying, faster start-ups and minimal maintenance.

Want to save with the ULTRA dryer? Call us now to find out more.

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