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Mixing: Device Mixes Product In-Line with Pulverizer

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Offers production rates to 2000 lb/hr.

The ColoRex Color Mixer from Maag Americas is used to mix product in-line with a pulverizer to eliminate the typical cleanup time of a central mixer. It is designed for most polymers and for production rates up to 2000 lb/hr.

The ColoRex can also be used off-line with a loader system and multiple feeders. The unit is billed as a great alternative to traditional high-speed mixers, which Maag says take lots of time and money to clean and maintain. The ColoRex Color Mixer will allow the operator to color natural or virgin resins directly out of the pulverizer or from a silo. This is a high intensity mixer that will incorporate any pigment or additive homogeneously.

The mixer is controlled by variable frequency drive for the motor speed and 480V for the mixer itself. The loss-in-weight feeder (LWF) uses 110V. International voltages available.

Spare parts are available upon request