Robot System Boosts Logistics Efficiency



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Yudo is in booth W3817 at NPE2018, where it presents its latest hot-runner systems for the automotive and packaging industries, factory automation systems and multi-tasking robot systems. It displays its PET Preform turnkey business plan under the name Otto Systems. The company also introduces the Smart Warehouse Solution, which includes IntraLogistics Transportation Robot Systems like the AGV and Shuttle. Visitors can see the demonstration of material handling in-process and in between processes through Yudo’s Factory Automation System.

Yudo says that the Tagon AGV system and the Shuttle system automatically transfer all forms of logistics units such as container, carton box, cart, rack, pallet and so on safely and precisely. Tagon AGV has various attachment combinations such as Shelf Lifter, Roller, Flex Picker, Heavy Lifter and Robot+. It makes production without down time and maximizes logistics efficiency.

Tagon Shuttle is to transport supplies, following rail between racks. Single or double-deep picking and loading is available. It handles supplies of various sizes with the function and width control of a telescopic arm extractor. Yudo says that benefits include increased productivity and reduced labor costs, maximum use of space and efficient storage of the warehouse and high turnover rates from rapid processing logistics ability.