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Small, Fast Six-Axis Robot

Yaskawa Motoman introduces smallest model in GP series.


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“Extremely fast” and “highly precise” is how Yaskawa Motoman describes its new GP4 six-axis robot with 4-kg (8.8-lb) payload capacity and axis speeds up to 1000°/sec. The smallest model in the GP series, it’s aimed at a variety of jobs from machine tending and assembly to packaging.

New Yaskawa Motoman GP4 six-axis robot.

The GP4 is said to offer a slim, compact design and a wide work area for its size, making it a viable alternative to SCARA-style robots. It has a 1008-mm vertical reach, 550-mm horizontal reach and ±0.01 mm repeatability. It also boasts an IP67 rating (waterproof and dust-proof) and easy-to-clean surface.