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Automation: New Dust- & Waterproof Cobot for Sanitary Applications

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Said to be the industry’s first IP67-rated collaborative robot.

Yaskawa Motoman has introduced the model HC20XP collaborative robot with 20-kg (44-lb) payload capacity and 1700-mm horizontal and vertical reach. It’s said to be well suited to working safely with or in close proximity to humans without protective guarding (depending on a risk assessment).

Yaskawa Motoman HC20XP cobot.

Yaskawa Motoman HC20XP cobot.

It is described as “the industry’s first IP67-rated collaborative robot,” a rating for dustproof and waterproof construction. Made of cast aluminum, with an “easy-to-clean” surface, the new model can be used in sanitary environments with wipe- or washdown is required, according to the company. HSF H1 food-grade grease is standard.

The HC20XP offers four modes of collaborative operation, including Power and Force Limiting (PFL), where dual-channel torque sensors in all joints constantly monitor force to quickly and safely react to contact. It has a “pinch-less” design with through-arm utilities to hide cabling and reduce risks of snagging or interference with other equipment. The cobot can easily shift between collaborative speed in PFL mode to full speed in industrial mode in order to optimize cycle times based on risk assessment and process requirements.


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