Streamlined Design Makes Melt Flow Testing Easier and Quicker

Tinius Olsen's MP1200 melt indexer now streamlined with selectable weights.


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Tinius Olsen is showcasing the newly streamlined design for its MP1200 melt indexer with selectable weights that reportedly makes the process of melt flow testing a lot easier and quicker. The new system provides a time-saving and safe way to configure a melt flow test. Weights are held and selected from a weight cylinder holder and are automatically delivered onto the piston in a controlled way. The user does not have to lift any weights manually and can be assured of increased throughput. The weight cylinder holder rotates away from the test area, enabling removal of the piston and ample access for cleaning.

Weight configurations based on polymer and testing standard are selected. The desired weight is chosen by simply pulling the “plate spade” from the weight cylinder holder and pressing it into the desired slot. This ensures operator safety with no user handling.Tinius Olsen offers the assisted weight lift as a standard option for all MP1200 melt flow indexer models or as a field fitted solution for existing motorized Tinius Olsen MP1200 units.

Available weights are additive stainless steel in sizes of  325, 1200, 2160, 3800, 5000, 10,000, and 21,600 g. Weight position accuracy is +/-0.1 mm (+/-0.01 in.); PPDT accuracy is +/- 0.025 mm (+/-0.001 in.).