Sheet Extrusion | 1 MINUTE READ

Extrusion: System Combines Web Inspection, Thickness/Weight Measurement

Provides full-width, instantaneous, 100% product inspection and measurement.


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The Gemini FWM system from AIS Gauging, Terra Haute, Ind., is a non-traversing x-ray array measurement system that combines web inspection and web gauging into a single platform. It provides full-width, instantaneous, 100% product inspection and measurement without electromechanical scanners that sample just a fraction of the total product. The Gemini system starts measuring at the product’s surface and continues through the entire material to construct and analyze a complete picture of quality. Gemini’s x-ray technology reportedly can immediately detect, display, and report non-visible defects (less than 1 mm in size) that are embedded within the product.

The system includes quality maps that show data in a video format, including 3D-analysis software, so that defects both on the surface and within the product can be quickly identified. Real-time displays and alarms show defect sizes and their location for easy downstream removal. Defect information is categorized and saved locally and can be exported and archived for further analysis.