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U.S.-Built All-Electric Shuttle from Bekum

Bekum’s EBlow 407DL targets high-speed production of small bottles.


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Bekum is introducing the electric EBlow 407DL (double-sided, long-stroke) shuttle machine, to be shown with a multi-layer, spiral-mandrel extrusion head, special quick-mold-change upgrade (15 min without tools), and a very compact layout. This U.S.-built machine has the company’s patented C-frame clamp (22.4 tons), max. mold width of 860 mm, max. mold length of 470 mm, mold depth of 2 × 130 mm, and open daylight of 250 mm. It is aimed at cost-efficient production of smaller bottles. Due to modular design, it is also available in a hydraulic HyBlow version, two of which, with 16 cavities and three layers, have already been installed.