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Wood On Plastics: Aerospace Reaches Cruising Altitude

Published on 4/25/2011

Overall production of aircraft/aerospace products and parts in the U.S. has been relatively stable during the past few years.


Wood on Plastics: Aerospace Market Losing Altitude

Published on 7/1/2010

Whether you are piloting an aircraft or manufacturing one, the same metaphor seems to apply to the future of aerospace: boundless potential, yet fraught with peril.


Advanced Hybrid TP Composite Molding for Aerospace

Published on 10/27/2014

Overmolding PEEK onto PAEK laminate.


Solvay Launches New Thermoplastic Lightweighting Materials for Aerospace

Published on 6/8/2015

'Tegralite' is the name of a new family of thermoplastic composites developed by Solvay and three alliance partners.


Aachen Center, Shuler Form Alliance To Develop Lightweight Automotive, Aerospace Components

Published on 7/7/2014

Germany's Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) will begin manufacturing composite components on a new composite press from Shuler by year's end.


Graphite Flame Retardant Additive for Construction, Aerospace, Mass Transit Applications

Published on 11/19/2020

NeoGraf’s new GrafGuard 280-50N expandable graphite flake FR additive for thermoplastics said to offer highest on-set temperature on the market


Victrex Expands Its “Downstream” Parts Manufacturing Business

Published on 2/15/2017

The joint venture with Tri-Mack Plastics to accelerate use of PAEK composite components in aerospace.


ELG Carbon Fibre to Accelerate Expansion Plans

Published on 3/29/2018

Strong demand for recycled carbon fiber driven by automotive and aerospace development projects.


3D Scanner for Inspection of Large Parts

Published on 12/17/2020

Exact Metrology’s new PolyScan XL8 said to be ideal for larger rotomolded or blow molded agricultural, construction, automotive and aerospace parts.


Arkema Launches Amorphous & Crystalline PEKK

Published on 7/31/2013

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Arkema has introduced a comprehensive range of PEKK (poly ether ketone ketone) comprised of three families of high-performance thermoplastics for aerospace, oil exploration, and electronics applications.

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