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As Seen In Plastics Technology

INJECTION MOLDING: On-Line Training For ‘5S’
Five-series course helps molders get better organized.

INJECTION MOLDING: Online Course Teaches Proper Scientific Molding Documentation
Training course works across all platforms and devices.

INJECTION MOLDING: First Cross-Platform Internet Training
Training that's available via phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.

Plastics Industry Puts Skills Gap in its Sights
Five skills gap related announcements in one day point to an industry ready to address a pressing problem.

INJECTION MOLDING: Train Online for ‘Scientific Troubleshooting’
At NPE2012, A. Routsis Associates, Inc., Dracut, Mass., introduced a new online series of four courses in “Scientific Troubleshooting.”

Molders Try Cross-Training To Build Crucial Skills In-House
Despite high unemployment, many plastics processors still can’t find qualified workers to fill open positions that require specialized skills. So some are looking at further developing the skills of the employees they already have.

Document the process

Troubleshooting: Injection Molding Seven Steps Toward Scientific Troubleshooting
A scientific troubleshooter is not someone who pushes buttons faster or has more tricks up his or her sleeve.

Online Training to Operate All-Electric Injection Machines
Tthere is still need to educate molders on how to set up and operate all-electric injection machines.

Assess Extrusion Knowledge Online for Free
A new, free online Gap Analysis Test can assess your employees’ knowledge of single- and twin-screw extrusion.

‘Math for Molders’ Training Programs Online
Two new online training programs have been released by A.

Plastikos wants all its employees to be certified

Training Pays Off in Productivity
A skilled and efficient workforce provides a decisive edge against competition and improves the bottom line.

RJG Buys A. Routsis
RJG, Inc., Traverse City, Mich., a maker of plastic molding control and monitoring systems, has purchased A.

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