Linden Industries, Inc.

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As Seen In Plastics Technology

EXTRUSION: Gas Metering Equipment for Extruded Foams
Designed to replace some or all hydrocarbon foaming agents.

Encapsulate Electronics With RIM PUR
New RIM polyurethane technology for encapsulating the sensitive electronics of power supplies such as chargers for cell phones or electric toothbrushes is said to provide a watertight seal and protect against electric shock.

Photo BASF

Polyurethanes: Fine-Tuning 'Green' Foams
With the switch to ‘cleaner’ blowing agents nearly complete, the priority now is tweaking foam formulations for optimal performance and cost.

Appliance foams

Polyurethanes: Foams Go 'Green' at Ever-Lower Cost
A great deal of effort is going into formulating rigid and flexible foams for lower cost and better properties, despite the transition to "cleaner" blowing agents. Improving fire and smoke performance is another challenge.

Product Categories of Linden Industries, Inc.

Blenders (non-intensive)
Closed-loop Process Control Systems
Dispensing Equipment for Reactive Resin Systems
Flow Monitoring/Control Devices (for Liquids)
Hoppers, Bins, Tanks
Liquid Mixers
Maintenance Management Systems
Metering, Proportioning Equipment
Other Paint Spray Equipment
Spray-up Systems
Troubleshooting, Problem Solving Systems