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Published: 5/10/2018

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Dazzlingly High-Speed Packaging Production
Several machine suppliers are injection molding caps and thin-wall cups in as fast as 2-sec cycles.

Published: 5/8/2018

Sumitomo’s Theme: Productivity + Flexibility + Reliability
Sumitomo Demag aims to demonstrate a combination of speed, flexibility, proprietary technologies, and automation with six machine cells running at NPE2018.

Published: 5/8/2018

At the Arburg Exhibit, ‘Seeing Is Believing’
Arburg is showing the breadth of its products, its expertise as a solutions provider, and the depth of its local support for U.S. customers.

Published: 5/7/2018

Yizumi-HPM: Size Plus Technical Depth
A full-service provider of injection molding technology, with the resources of one of the world’s biggest builders of injection machines and a depth of North American support.

Published: 5/7/2018

Milacron Is ‘Going Big’ at NPE2018
Milacron is emphasizing large-tonnage injection presses, enhanced customer service to maximize their uptime, and speed—both speedy delivery of parts and suppies, and products that speed up production for their customers.

Published: 5/7/2018

Enhanced Clamp & Injection Specs Promote New Models from Absolute Haitian
Four new injection machine lines demonstrate commitment to deliver good machine value while responding to customer demands.

Published: 3/29/2018

Injection Molding at NPE2018: A Showplace for the ‘Smart Factory’
In Orlando, you’ll glimpse the future, and it’s automated and interconnected. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways for plants of all sizes to get in on these trends.

Published: 2/16/2018

Ube Expanding U.S. Assembly Plant
Ube Machinery will double its injection molding machine assembly space by September.

Published: 11/27/2017

How Parkway Makes Stock Jars Into a Custom Business
This family firm distinguishes itself in a commodity market by offering numerous ways to customize its stock products.

Published: 10/26/2017

New Tech Center Shows Off New Injection Presses
Facility features a variety of machines from Yizumi-HPM for the U.S. market.