Tooling Know How

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Most people usually associate costs with doing something.

Tooling Know How

Maintenance Terms of Endearment

Look closely at your company’s mold maintenance language and formalize your approach to create a clear and concise picture—one that can be measured.

Consumer Products

TOOLING AT NPE: Hot Runners & Coinjection Grab Spotlight

Tooling innovations at NPE focused primarily on multi-cavity closure and medical applications, though there was also a substantial emphasis on large automotive and appliance parts.

Mold Maintenance

Cures for Common Hot-Runner Wiring Problems

In the challenging environment of the last several years, manufacturers are looking inward to improve their manufacturing processes, streamline their supply chains, lower maintenance costs, andimprove their bottom lines.

Mold Maintenance

The Value of 20 Bits of Data

With these 20 bits of data, toolrooms can drastically lower the cost of keeping molds running and improve mold reliability and tooling life while reducing breakdowns and molding better parts.

Mold Maintenance

Don’t Just Be a ‘Replacer’

To be a skilled troubleshooter is about understanding how your molds function, paying attention to the details, establishing a consistent troubleshooting method, and using historical data to guide your tooling replacement decisions

Mold Maintenance

Mold Maintenance Training Eases Molder's Growing Pains

Automation Plastics in Aurora, Ohio (, is a 32-year-old custom injection molder with 50,500 ft² and 30 presses from 35 to 700 tons.

Tooling Know How

The Tools of Tool Maintenance

The root cause of many mold and part issues are ultimately determined by the ability to measure something within one or two tenths of a mil. Readings with precision measuring tools can determine whether a tooling component is to be reused, reworked, or scrapped out.

Injection Molding

Create a Maintenance Work (Bench) Cell

Get better results by improving the organization of your mold-maintenance operation.

Mold Maintenance

Tooling: Setting Up Shop: Part III

Our last column covered shop size and bench requirements for a 50 x 50 ft mold-repair shop that will have a MPP (Mold Pull Pace) of approximately 25 to 30 multi-cavity molds a week and employ four repair technicians in a six-bench layout.