Resin Conveying

Conveying Control Offers Auto-Configuration, Cost-Saving Diagnostics

New features said to simplify and reduce costs for system design and installation, system expansion, and remote diagnostics

Resin Conveying

Energy-Efficient Vacuum Pump

Can run with pressure control or at a constant rotational speed.  

Resin Conveying

Conair Parent Buys Conveying Systems Firm

IPEG purchases long-time partner company Phoenix Systems, which makes powder and pellet conveying and unloading equipment used by processors in high-volume applications.

Resin Conveying

Drum Dumper with Safety Cage

Allows hands-free, automated dumping of bulk solid materials from 30- to 55-gal drums.

Resin Conveying

Cartridge Bin Vent Cleans Air in Pneumatic Systems

Small modular unit is inexpensive and easy to install.

Injection Molding

Time Still to Register For PT Tech Days

It’s free. It’s online. It’s scheduled every Thursday through December. And you can register now to hear technology experts address a wide range of topics in plastics processing.  
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Resin Conveying

Material Handling: Vacuum Conveying Pump Makes Things Simple

Maguire’s new pump is compatible with the company’s LowPro receivers used for automated ‘mini-central’ conveying systems.

Resin Conveying

Material Handling: Bulk Conveyor with Safety Cage

Prevents contact with moving parts during operation and automated unloading of bulk bags.  

Resin Conveying

Conveying: Compact Unit for Smaller Systems

New line said to be an optimal and inexpensive solution for lower-volume applications.

Resin Conveying

Material Handling: High-Capacity Dumper for Mobile Bins

System hydraulically raises and dumps mobile bins into a hopper that feeds an integral flexible screw conveyor.