On Site: Evolution of a One-Stop High-Tech Thermoformer

A company that started as a toolmaker has evolved into a thermoforming solutions provider
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Sheet Extrusion

Physically Foamed HIPS Is New Factor in Rigid Packaging

Relief for escalating costs of packaging materials and an opportunity to address sustainability goals are two factors that have helped attract global attention to a new physical foaming technology for HIPS packaging.

Sheet Extrusion

'Green'...And Microwaveable Too

New technology from Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., eliminates a property tradeoff that could allow polylactic acid (PLA) to supplant polystyrene and polypropylene for microwavable frozen-food trays, lids for hot beverage cups, and carry-out containers.


Optimize Plug Shape for Thermoforming

Software will adjust the shape to provide more uniform material thickness in the formed part

Film Extrusion

DuPont Honors Packaging Innovators

Sixteen winners honored in 23rd annual awards ceremony.

Commodity Resins

New in the U.S. & Growing Fast

One wouldn’t expect a Colombian packaging giant to come to Virginia for a cup of coffee, but that’s sort of what happened.


Processing Biopolymers for Rigid Sheet & Thermoforming

Newly available cast sheet and thermoforming grades of Mirel biobased polymers open up a new range of applications in containers and other formed parts where renewable content and biodegradability are desired.


Multi-Layer Injection Molded Tubs Take on Thermoforming & Metal Cans

Kortec Inc., Ipswich, Mass., a supplier of multi-layer injection molding technology, is launching an altogether new system for making rigid barrier containers.


Sustainability Is Not a Buzzword For Thin-Gauge Thermoformer

At a time when many processors either pay lip service to environmental concerns or hope the “greenwashing” zealots will grow weary and turn their attention elsewhere, Dordan Manufacturing Co. Inc. leaves no stone unturned in an effort to get the truth out about plastics and the environment.
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On-Site: 'Productive' Is More Than A Name For This Efficient Thermoformer

This processor was ahead of the game by offering value added solutions to clients, then widened the gap further by employing lean management techniques.
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