40th Anniversary of WM Thermoforming Machines

Having reached its 40th milestone, WM Thermoforming says passion for research and innovation continues to characterize its mission.  


Biopolymer Compounding Done Right

Biodegradable polymers like PHA are set to slowly take over many areas of plastic production, but the material properties mean that special attention must be paid to the screw configuration and ventilation when compounding.
#Elastomers #sustainability

Oxygen Permeation Analyzer for Bottles, Pods, and Other Whole Package Forms

Ametek Mocon’s  Ox-Tran 2/48 measures the oxygen transmission rate of whole packages at ambient conditions.  

Second Generation of Autonomous Machine Vision Systems Launched

Inspekto’s new S70 Gen. 2 offers reflection-free images and autonomous machine vision AI which reportedly take vision inspection to new heights.

Three new 3D Printers Encompass FDM, P3, and SAF Technologies

Stratasys swiftly advances additive manufacturing with 3D printing triple play

Custom Discharge Heads for Blown-ion Plasma Treaters

Enercon’s new offering said to enable new applications for difficult to reach surfaces.

PLA for Large-Format Additive Manufacturing

NatureWorks’ new Ingeo 3D700 shown to provide significant reduction in warping, minimizing print failures.  

Quantifying the Appearance of Plastics

Gloss, reflection haze, and transmission haze are three of the most prevalent effects on the appearance of plastics. With the help of multifunctional tools like gloss meters and spectrophotometers manufacturers can measure these visual affects to ensure the integrity of a products appearance from start to end. 

Package Testing System for Healthcare & Food Packaging Markets

Ametek Mocon’s Dansensor Lippke 5000 tests for package integrity on the production floor or in the lab.

Blow Molding: Compact, Integrated Blowing & Labeling System for PET Bottles

Integrating PET bottle blowing and labeling saves floorspace and prevents bottle damage in conveying.

Welding: New Heat Staking Technology for Complex Plastic Parts

Emerson’s new Branson GPX heat staking technology provides greater design freedom for joining challenging plastic parts.  

Rinco Ultrasonics Expands Tooling Capabilities

Rinco Ultrasonics’ significant tooling expansion driven by increased demand from the automotive and medical markets.

ProMach Acquires Panther Industries

Packaging machinery maker ProMach further expands labeling and coding business with acquisition of automated labeling equipment maker Panther.

Clear Your Calendars for Plastics Technology 'Tech Days'

Beginning Oct. 8, we will be bringing exclusive, live, online technical content on a wide range of processing topics that you can access for free.

Assembly:High-Precision and Versatile Dual-Axis Servo Spin Welder

Forward Technology’s new HD2X-OSW welder is well suited for use in a broad range of molding applications; company upgrades its industry-leading linear vibration welder. 

Welding: Laser Welder for a Wide Range of Applications

Emerson’s new Branson GL-300 laser welder platform boosts production capability and enables faster production start-up. 

Decorating: Laser Marking with Nearly Seamless Integration and Remote Support

Laserax’s LXO Fiber Laser Marker series reduces integration time and cost and facilitates collaboration between system integrators and laser experts. 

Laser Welder for Small, Delicate Plastics Parts

Emerson’s Branson GLX Micro laser welder targeted to delicate parts used in medical, consumer and electronic industries.

Injection Molding Gains an Edge in Motorcycle Gas Tanks

Complex shapes required for the latest motorcycle gas tanks favor injection over blow molding. Lanxess and BMW have a monolayer nylon solution.

FOBA Supports Manufacturers with Flexible Laser Marking Solutions During Coronavirus Crisis

FOBA’s offerings include uncomplicated financing, short-term rentals, webinars, and extended service making it easier to cope with production peaks during coronavirus crisis.

Sonics Keeps Supply Chain Moving in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

To meet demand for ultrasonic PPE assembly, Sonics offers instructive webinar and has delivered hand-held welders to companies welding elastic strips to the sides of clear face shields. 

Polymer Fusion Labeling with Antimicrobial Agent for Medical & HazMat Equipment

Mold In Graphics and its Polyfuze Graphics’ new proprietary line of antimicrobial containing products exceed labeling standards for Medical, Food Service, Reusable Packaging and Health Industries.