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Computed Tomography in the Plastics

Computed tomography is an inspection technology that can be networked and used along the entire process chain.


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Zeiss Industrial Metrology is focusing on the benefits of CT inspection in plastics at NPE2018. Computed tomography is an inspection technology which can be networked and used along the entire process chain. The company says it offers many advantages compared to other measuring procedures, particularly in the plastics industry.

When it comes to tool correction, Zeiss says it offers coordinated solutions to ensure the entire tool correction process is efficient. For instance, the company’s Zeiss Metrotom is an industrial computer tomograph for measuring and inspecting complete components made of plastic and numerous component characteristics are scanned in one run. In addition, with Zeiss Reverse Engineering software, the CAD model of the injection molding tool can be corrected using the nominal data of a plastic component and the actual data generated using the Metrotom. By using both processes, iteration loops can be reportedly reduced and shortened for tool correction.


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