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First 100% RPET Soft-Drink Bottle in North America

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Last month, PepsiCo Beverages Canada, Mississauga, Ont., unveiled what’s said to be North America’s first soft-drink bottle made from 100% recycled PET. The 7UP EcoGreen bottle is significant because, according to PepsiCo, “Creating a bottle from 100% recycled plastic for soft drinks is more challenging than creating a bottle for non-carbonated beverages because of the stress on materials from carbonation pressure.” Currently, PepsiCo averages 10% RPET in its soft-drink bottles in North America, a level said to be the highest in the industry. Getting to 100% RPET took three years of R&D. The 7UP EcoGreen bottle will be produced in multiple PepsiCo plants across  Canada. The new bottle will be available in all 7UP and Diet 7Up package sizes beginning this month. It will cost slightly more to produce, but PepsiCo does not plan to charge extra for its products.