5 Ways Resin Conveying Systems Are Getting Smarter, Easier to Maintain

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These five short videos provide a snapshot of what’s going on with the technologies that drive and control plastics resin conveying systems and provide unmatched operational visibility. Plastics processors will benefit from conveying systems that are more reliable, flexible and expandable to meet your plant’s specific needs.


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A lot of people in the plastics world are talking about Industry 4.0, and for good reason. Advanced monitoring and diagnostic technology are getting plastics processors maximum uptime from their resin conveying systems. But there’s still more going on in conveying technology that renders systems more capable and flexible to meet different plants’ specific needs. Here are the top five conveying products developments from Novatec that will help keep your systems running and optimized for peak performance.


Vacuum Conveying Smart Pumps Deliver Maximum Uptime

Novatec PumpSense vacuum pumps


PumpSense vacuum conveying smart pumps provide unique sensor and analytics technology that allows processors to understand when maintenance needs to take place, preventing unplanned machine downtime. It tells you the current state of filters, blower quality, oil level and quality, even the health of mechanical components such as bearings and belts. This analytic capability comes built-in with Novatec’s new line of positive displacement and regenerative blower pumps.

View PumpSense Video


Conveying Control Talks to Blenders, Silos, Dryers and More

Novatec FX2 Control


The FX2 control is great for controlling resin conveying systems. Out of the box it can control up to 32 stations, 5 pumps and 25 purge valves. But it does so much more. The FX2 is ethernet IP-driven for expansion, which means a variety of other equipment can be added. You can also monitor your silos or blenders, even network into your drying systems. With this control, you can directly access your systems 24/7 via the web on smart phones, tablets and other internet-enabled devices.

View FX2 Control Video


Railcar Unloading System has Built-In Predictive Maintenance

Novatec Railcar Resin Unloading Systen


Railcar unloading is too often a process that’s out of sight and out of mind. But with RailSense, using predictive maintenance sensors on the pumps, the motors and filter systems enable timely notifications on both predictive and preventive maintenance for the unit. There’s also a real-time capability that provides operational feedback on pressure, vacuum levels and more.

View RailSense Video


Conveying Systems Designed for Your Plant

Novatec Conveying System design services


Every plastics processor has their own set of problems and aspirations of what they're trying to accomplish at the plant level. Material types, conveying sources and destinations, capacity requirements and changeover frequency all contribute to a unique and often complicated puzzle to solve. Novatec’s team of process engineers and technicians will help custom design the conveying system that’s right for your plant.

View Engineering Services Video


Vacuum Receivers Easily Tailored to Your Application

Novatec VRM vacuum receivers


The new VRM (Vacuum Receiver Modular) line of vacuum receivers features modular components for inlets, vacuum lines and discharge ports to provide easy maintenance for a wide range of applications. You can have a hinged lid, filled valve, station valve, removable lid, filter, filter-less, different line sizes, and mixing and matching of line sizes. Everything is either a bolt- or clamp-on option to make vacuum receivers very flexible both in initial configuration and operations modifications.

View Vacuum Receivers Video