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Vacuum Receivers Feature Modular Design

The new VRM line of vacuum receivers have modular components for inlets, vacuum lines and discharge ports to serve a wide range of applications, plus provide easy maintenance.


Video Transcription

Narrator: Good morning. We're here at the new receiver section of the Novatec booth. I'm here with Greg Washburn who is V.P. of Operations and Ryan Ismirlian who is a conveying product engineer. I'm going to start with you, Greg. How long have you been with Novatec and over that period of time, what changes have you seen for the good in the conveying and receiving area?

Greg: Actually, I started with Novatec in 1994, so I've been with the company for 24 years. Over that course of time I've seen a lot of changes both in conveying, in all of our product lines there's been a lot of standardization and product development, and actually the most exciting changes really from a company perspective have come since 2006 since Conrad and Steve bought the company. We've changed logos, we've changed colors and I think the thing that we're most proud of is our ability to respond to the customer and, really at this point, we're doing about three times the volume that we were doing back when I first started with the company.

Narrator: Thanks Greg. And Ryan, there are some pretty substantial benefits that you see here with these receivers. Why don't you take us through it?

Ryan: Well, the product line you see behind us is our new modular vacuum receiver line designated as the VRM, vacuum receiver modular. It allows us to accommodate our tried and true classics, the removal lid with remote station valve, and our hinged lid with external fill valve. It comes with a few new features. In comparison, we have a modular inlet casting that allows us to have bolt-on inlets, so you have interchangeable material inlets, and same goes with the vacuum line. Another one is, the entire series has a localized junction box, an on/off switch for easy maintenance, and we also have a new 3- and 5-inch GSL style discharge that comes with a shroud. It's self-standing, it's low profile and it has an external demand switch for easy access.

Narrator: Great. Thank you. Greg, why don't you tell us what makes this so unique for the customer? Why would they come here to buy receiver as opposed to somewhere else?

Greg: The most exciting part about the VRM services is the flexible and modular perspective that Ryan mentioned. You know, we can go with a hinged lid, filled valve, station valve, removable lid, filter, filter-less, different line sizes, mixing and matching the line sizes. Everything is either bolts-on option or a clamp-on option to make it very flexible both in operations, application changes; so that we can change it and planned for you, or even in the field if we needed to make modifications. The fuel valve actually allows – I mean, I'm sorry – the dump switch actually allows us easy access to maintenance. The new receiver actually has the dumps rope in 3- and 5-inch line sizes that allows better protection with the shrouding. Also, at the end of it, we have these configurations that are all switchable for our high wear packages. Ten-pound, twenty-pound, thirty-pound, forty-pound, seventy-pound and hundred-pound options gives us a lot of flexibility for any application that may come into our market.

Narrator: I think you've covered it all. Ryan, thank you. Greg, thank you. If you need any more information, please go to