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3/1/2007 | 1 MINUTE READ

If You've Tried Purging Products In The Past and Were Disappointed, It's Time You Read This!

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You’re not alone.

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Many providers of purging materials have, in the past, “over-promised and under-delivered” when making claims about what their products could accomplish. This resulted in unmet expectations and understandable skepticism. However, the need for purging continues to exist – and is probably now more pressing than ever. Plastics processors are being squeezed between the high costs of energy and raw materials and the unrelenting pricing pressures of a global marketplace. It has become essential to survival that every opportunity for savings and improved efficiency be explored and exploited. In the past, it was common to ask whether the use of purging compounds was necessary. Now you must ask whether you can afford not to explore the use of purging compounds. In order to achieve success with purging products: Evaluate Consider the full range of purging product types available so you can meet every need with an appropriate material. Apply a disciplined approach. An informed and systematic technical approach is required to truly minimize the negative productivity impact of purging issues. The approach must be planned and implemented in an orderly way consistent with good manufacturing engineering practices. Novachem, a premier manufacturer of purging products, provides an Engineered Purging program, which provides efficient and effective methods to achieve purging success. Continuously monitor the results of your purging practices to ensure that best results are obtained and continue to be obtained.


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