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10/16/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Laser Design Now North American Distribution Partner For Industrial CT 3D Scanner

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A distribution partnership between France's Rx Solutions and Laser Design brings cost-effective industrial CT 3D scanner to North America.

Minneapolis-based Laser Design, Inc. (LDI), a global provider of 3D scanning systems and services has a partnership with Frances Rx Solutions for North American distribution of the latter’s DeskTom industrial CT 3D scanner, which is designed to address the rapidly-growing market for 3D Dimensional Metrology and Non-Destructive Testing.

            CT scanners can completely scan both an object’s internal surfaces as well as external ones while allowing characterization of the porosity, fiber orientation and structure of the inner materials, all within the same dataset. Scanning for 3D industrial measurement, inspection, and modeling a 3D micro-tomography and digital radioscopy system enabling previously-inaccessible internal geometries of an object to be inspected without its destruction or labor and cost intensive disassembly. This makes CT scanning ideal for objects that contain internal geometries such as chambers, valves, or deep holes.

            Entire devices can even be CT scanned so that internal components can be viewed or analyzed in relation to one another. Moreover, because of its extreme accuracy of 5 microns over short distances, the DeskTom CT scanner is said to be ideal for micromachining and the rapidly-growing industry of micro-molded parts. The compact unit reportedly offers an outstanding solution to both simple and complicated 3D visualization and inspection projects at about half the price of comparable systems. With power of 150kV and a working envelope of 230 x 250 mm, the DeskTom can be used with plastics, elastomers and metallic parts.