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Metabolix To Significantly Boost PHA Production

Plans are underway at Metabolix to increase output of PHA biopolymers.


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Biomaterials company Metabolix, Inc., Cambridge, Mass., has plans to significantly increase output of its Mirel PHA biopolymers at its contracted pilot manufacturing facilities. This plan’s initial focus will be the production of the company’s a-PHA (amorphous, low Tg rubber) biopolymer for use in ongoing development activities based on this unique PHA product. Production of this new material, together with existing inventory, is intended to support both market development and initial customer conversions as Metabolix continues working to build its biopolymers business based on PHA performance additives.

Says Joseph Shaulson, president and CEO of Metabolix, “We believe this is the right approach to biopolymer manufacturing at this time. We expect the increased output from out pilot facilities will require a modest level of capital investment in 2015. We also expect this approach to accelerate the availability of a-PHA material for market development. Going forward, we intend to continue evaluation and developing production expansion options for our business as we bring on commercial-scale customers for Metabolix PHA biopolymers.