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MGS Combines Multishot and Automation Businesses into New, Combined Space

Walking distance from its corporate headquarters in Germantown, Wisc., MGS Mfg. Group has opened a 40,000-ft2 space that combines its automation cell and modular multimaterial molding systems businesses.


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MGS, an injection molder and moldmaker that also manufactures automation cells and multimaterial molding systems, has moved its Automation group from a facility in Germantown that was a few miles from its corporate headquarters to a new space just two blocks away. Into that same building, MGS moved its Universal Multishot Systems (UMS) group. That operation was formerly located across the street from corporate headquarters.

In a press release, Shawn Krenke, VP of the MGS Equipment Group, emphasized the collaborative potential of the move. “The consolidation of these two groups makes logistical sense, since both disciplines design and build machinery,” Krenke said. “Being able to share resources between both divisions will benefit MGS as well as our customers.”

The new facility will provide additional capacity for both groups to take on new projects. There are currently 30 employees working under the UMS and Automation divisions, which will be jointly referred to as the MGS Equipment Group. The facility was fully operational on Nov. 1, with additional improvements forthcoming.