Extrusion | 2 MINUTE READ

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Pipe, Profile, Tubing

Check out what’s new in pipe, profile and tubing extrusion.


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The conEX NG from Battenfeld-Cincinnati (W2771) is a conical twin-screw extruder for PVC pipe and profiles. The screw core fits all screw tempering systems, and the gearbox design allows several different motor positions (U or Z version). Processors can also choose between different barrel tempering and dosing systems, allowing a wide range of outputs to be covered with one machine. The machines can work with process pressures up to 520 bar (7500 psi), which are required when producing small or thin-walled profiles or when using regrind and recycled materials in coextrusion. Thanks to minimized residence times and quick cleaning, color changes can also be done much faster, which saves material, the company says.

Complete thermal insulation of the barrel minimizes radiation losses, and by using reluctance or synchronous motors, the conEX NG offers reported energy savings of up to 20%.

The conEX NG extruders are available in three sizes (42, 54 and 65 mm), with outputs from 80 to 550 lb/hr for profiles, and 100 to 1000 lb/hr for pipe.

KraussMaffei Berstorff (W403) is demonstrating its response to demands by processors for conical twin-screws that can be used both as main extruders and as part of a coextrusion system. The KMD 73 K/P conical twin at the show reportedly offers just that—high outputs and pressure stability in a robust machine design. The optional bimetallic barrel lining paired with a tungsten-carbide welded screw—a requirement of the North American market—also enables it to be used in pipe extrusion. Space-saving and customer-specific coextrusion models can also be installed in tight quarters for efficient production.

Downstream, the company is showcasing its flexible calibration basket, the QuickSwitch system, which has an effective diameter range from 11.023 to 19.685 in. The system is of interest particularly to processors that run large pipe, because a diameter change is said to generate very little waste. All process parameters can be set and stored in the all-in-one control system.

KraussMaffei Berstorff’s KM-VT 250/1/6 vacuum tank for pipe extrusion features integrated vacuum control and frequency-controlled pumps that are fully integrated into the C6 line control system. This is said to provide for energy savings and uniform product quality.

Milacron (W2703) is displaying its TC conical twin-screw extrusion system, which has a wide range of options and customized screw designs matched specifically to the process requirements.

Graham Engineering (W2743) is displaying its American Kuhne tri-layer medical tubing line, consisting of modular micro extruders and XC300 Navigator with integrated TwinCAT Scope View high speed data- acquisition system.

Guill Tooling & Engineering (W4588) is showing the latest generation of its Series 800 two- to six-layer extrusion tooling for tubing ODs from 1/8 to 6 in. Aimed at automotive, medical, appliance, and industrial applications, the redesigned Series 800 is said to produce flawlessly smooth extrusion and layer definition of tubes from fluoropolymers and other materials for multi-layer, multi-lumen medical tubing, as well as fuel-line constructions, multi-layer PEX pipe and drip-irrigation applications.