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5/10/2018 | 2 MINUTE READ

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Polyolefins for Packaging

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Novel polyolefins for packaging are being highlighted by Nova Chemicals, ExxonMobil Chemical, and SABIC.

Nova Chemicals (Room W207AB) is demonstrating its Bonfire computer tool for modeling flexible film structures and its customized caps computer modeling tool. The key focus is on packaging and other solutions and how Nova’s materials provide the required performance properties for today’s key applications:

Sustainable packaging: New PE resins and other recent innovations are enabling multilayer moisture and moisture + oxygen barrier food packaging to move from multi-material, non-recyclable structures to recycling stream-compliant structures. Physical samples will be shown to help film producers and converters learn more about how they can product recyclable structures and packaging.

E-commerce food packaging: Nova has been working with film producers, package makers, and brand owners to develop food packaging with the durability (stiffness/toughness balance) and other properties that are required for the rigors of the e-commerce supply chain. The company will share information about the supply chain requirements and the work it has been doing in the value chain to improve packaging for this fast-growing segment.

ExxonMobil (Room W204ABC) is demonstrating how to create differentiated solutions working with industry partners and will feature a new family of advanced polyolefin-based products; new eXtreme Performance polymer applications including films for heavy duty sacks and thermoformed barrier food packaging; information about a new Exceed XP performance polymer grade that delivers eXtreme Performance coextrusion films for sachets, lamination packaging, frozen products and barrier packaging.

Visitors have the opportunity to discover more about the company’s broad portfolio—Exceed XP, Exceed, Enable and Vistamaxx performance polymers, ExxonMobil PP and Oppera modifiers; products that are used in a range of applications ranging from automotive to appliances, flexible to rigid packaging, polymer modification and compounding, to industrial and agriculture, building and construction, hygiene products and adhesives.

SABIC (S19001) is highlighting its PP Flowpact copolymer product portfolio, based on a phthalate-free catalyst. These are high-flow impact copolymers for injection-molding applications such as containers for food and non-food packaging, caps and closures, as well as for production of housewares and consumer goods.

The newest addition is Flowpact FPC70 (MFR 70). Rigid packaging made with this resin, including applications that can be filled with hot content, is said to have much higher top-load strength than identical products made with benchmark materials. This results in better stackability for better transport and storage economics. FPC70 boasts key polymer chemistry advances that yield a material with a great balance of high stiffness, impact strength and high heat distortion temperature versus a standard impact copolymer. It is said to enable up to 10% thinner walls and fast injection.