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ResMart is Newest Distributor for Solvay's PEEK & PPSU

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Solvay's broad range of KetaSpire PEEK and PPSU grades now available from ResMart.

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Solvay Specialty Polymers, Alpharetta, Ga., has added RTP Co.’s sister business ResMart LLC, Fort Worth, Texas, as its newest distributor for both  KetaSpire PEEK  (polyetherether ketone) and Radel PPSU (polyphenylsulfone). ResMart customers now have access to a variety of KetaSpire pellet or powder grades, available in a wide range of melt flow indices and in black or natural colors. ResMart’s comprehensive sales coverage will also expand technical support for KetaSpire PEEK customers.

Similarly, the agreement on PPSU allows ResMart--already an established distributor of select Udel PSU (polysulfone) resins--to further expand its offering with the inclusion of eight of the most popular Radel PPSU grades: R-5000 NT, R5500 NT, R-5800 NT, R-5000 CL 301, R-5100 BK 937, R-5100 NT 15, R-5100 BU 1027, and R-5100 GY 1037, Solvay will continue to accept and fill orders for 2200 lbs or greater for these grades, while smaller quantities will be available through ResMart. This agreement also expands market access and technical support for these proven Radel grades.

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