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6/3/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

The Web’s Take on Dining in Düsseldorf

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Trip Advisor, Yelp, Lonely Planet and Michelin weigh in on eating out in Düsseldorf.

A big part of the K experience is its host city, Düsseldorf, and a major element of Düsseldorf are its eclectic dining options. After a long day at the show there’s a huge variety of options available to attendees for dinner and drink. To give you some ideas about restaurants to seek out (or avoid) we hit up some popular travel and dining sites for the skinny of eating out in the Altstadt.

Trip Adivsor’s top 10 has some familiar names for regular show goers, plus some new ones.

  1. Ristorante La Luce Due
  2. Pizzeria Trattoria Romantica
  3. Bosporus
  4. Takumi
  5. Schweine Janes
  6. Naniwa Noodle & Soup
  7. Brauerei im Fuchschen
  8. Zum Uerige
  9. Brauerei Schumacher
  10. Zum Schiffchen


Zum Schiffchen, Takumi and Brauerei im Fuchschen also made Lonely Planet’s list, along with the venerable Weinhaus Tante Anna.

Yelp’s best restaurants in Düsseldorf based on user reviews also featured Takumi but diverged from Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet, offering up a coffee house, Mexican, Indian and Italian.

Looking to really celebrate (and lighten your wallet)? According to the prestigious Michelin guide, Düsseldorf has six one-star restaurants, including Victorian, Nagaya, Berens am Kai, Agata’s, Tafelspitz 1876 and Enzo im Schiffchen. It has two two-star establishments: Im Schiffchen and Résidence, where dining ranges from 80 to 174 euro ($90 to $197).