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Thermoformer Offers Tips for Working with Wal-Mart

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Chicago-area thermoformer Dordan Manufacturing will be offering tutorials on Wal-Mart’s Packaging Modeling 3.0 software at Pack Expo 2011, Sept. 26-28 in Las Vegas. The software is an R&D tool that enables companies to find potential sustainability improvements in their product packaging. Dordan (dordan.com) licensed the software in 2010 to better understand how to design packages to achieve better scores when compared with previous or existing packaging.

At the show, Dordan will also be performing live LCA (life-cycle assessment demonstrations using COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment) software created by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Charlottesville, Va., an industry group dedicated to environmentally conscious packaging. COMPASS assesses packages on resource consumption, emissions, and attributes such as material health effects, recycled or virgin content, sourcing, and solid waste.


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