Your Business In Brief - March 2008

WEB EXCLUSIVE Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., has opened a brand-new technical center occupying 2000 sq ft and outfitted with sophisticated instruments for testing and analyzing plastics, including films, fiber, and moldings.

WEB EXCLUSIVE Techmer PM, Clinton, Tenn., has opened a brand-new technical center occupying 2000 sq ft and outfitted with sophisticated instruments for testing and analyzing plastics, including films, fiber, and moldings. Says v.p. of technology Abe Mor, “Every possible instrument to expedite problem solving and product development is available in the new center.” The lab includes facilities for wet-chemistry analysis, accelerated weathering, and controlled temperature and humidity testing. The lab is soon expected to receive certification from A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation).

WEB EXCLUSIVE Budget Molders Supplier of Macedonia, Ohio, has merged with its larger sister company, Plastic Process Equipment, Inc. (PPE) at the same location. PPE now offers the Budget line of molding supplies.

WEB EXCLUSIVE Emerald Performance Materials, LLC, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has purchased CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Moorestown, N.J., a maker of epoxy resins, modifiers, catalysts, and accelerators. It will remain at its current location. Emerald had previously acquired the Goodrite antioxidants and Hycar reactive liquid rubbers (now called Hypol) from Noveon (formerly part of BFGoodrich). Emerald also owns the colorant suppliers formerly known as Hilton-Davis Chemical and Carolina Color Corp.


Manage Your Business On the Web

Managers of small businesses now have a way to computerize their business information management without heavy investment in computers, software, and IT (information technology) staff. NetBooks is a new company in Rohnert Park, Calif., that offers a full suite of management software for use online. It was founded by Ridgely Evers, who created QuickBooks online bookkeeping software for Intuit Inc.

NetBooks is designed to be an intuitive, easy-to-use software system that ties together sales management, customer relationship management, vendor relationship management, inventory and production management, shipping, bookkeeping, reporting, and more. However, NetBooks does not integrate with production data generated by other computers or software. The user must manually enter the production data from shop-floor systems into NetBooks. Users get continuous software improvements without ever installing an upgrade. The company promises complete data security and redundant backup. All this costs $200/month for five users plus a bookkeeper and an accountant. Additional users cost $20/month. These prices are guaranteed for the duration of the customer relationship. Unlimited support is free and there is immediate access to support from within the product. 86-NETBOOKS •


Sumitomo to Buy Demag

Last month, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI) of Japan announced that it planned to acquire Demag Ergotech GmbH of Germany and Van Dorn Demag Corp. of Strongsville, Ohio, from MPM Holdings. SHI expected to complete the transaction by March 3.


Engel Moves Manufacturing From Canada to U.S.

By the end of May, Engel North America plans to end machine building in Guelph, Ont., and shift production of small and medium-size presses, as well as robots, to York, Pa. Previously, the York plant built only large machines. The Guelph office will remain for sales, service, spare parts, and training. In addition, Engel plans to open three new technical centers in North America during the next 18 months. For more information visit Engel North America's PT Online Showroom.


Conair & Husky Jointly Offer PET Systems

The Conair Group, Inc., Cranberry Township, Pa., and Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont., have agreed to jointly supply complete PET preform manufacturing systems worldwide. Husky builds injection presses, hot-runner systems, and molds. Conair supplies a wide range of auxiliary equipment, most particularly its new Energy-Smart PET drying technology. For more information visit The Conair Group, Inc.'s PT Online Showroom.


Lubrizol Adds TPU Capacity

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc. (formerly Noveon), Cleveland, has completed a 30% capacity expansion for Estane TPUs. A new production line was installed at Avon Lake, Ohio. For more information visit Estane Engineered Polymers – (Div of Lubrizol) PT Online Showroom.


Rapid Acquires Moditec’s Screenless Granulators

The Swedish parent of Rapid Granulator, Inc., Rockford, Ill., has acquired Moditec of France, a maker of low-speed, screenless granulators with staggered rows of multiple “chipper” teeth on the rotor. The two companies had previously cooperated in low-speed granulator technologies. The acquisition expands Rapid’s offerings of this type and brings in Moditec’s Integrated Metal Detection technology, which Rapid will apply to its entire low-speed range. For more information visit Rapid Granulator, Inc.'s PT Online Showroom.


Bayer Acquires TPU Slush Molding Powders

Bayer MaterialScience, Pittsburgh, has bought intellectual property related to TPU slush molding from the former Collins & Aikman Corp. C&A’s TPU technology for instrument-panel skins and other interior trim included size reduction to produce the slush rotomolding powders and formulations for light-stable aliphatic TPUs that don’t need paint. Bayer plans to offer the powders in custom colors. For more information visit Bayer MaterialScience's PT Online Showroom.


New U.S. Distributor for Italian PUR Machinery

Polyurethane Process Industries, LLC (PPI) in Latrobe, Pa., is now the sole U.S. distributor of high- and low-pressure polyurethane foam machinery from OMS Group of Milan, Italy. The agreement is expected to boost OMS’s presence in North America and provide better after-sales support to OMS customers in the U.S. PPI provides equipment, parts, repairs, service, and engineering assistance to PUR foam processors. It recently moved from Greensburg, Pa., to larger facilities in Latrobe.
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