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Benchmark Your 2014 Molding Business

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Add your data to our confidential Custom Injection Molders Hourly Rates Survey.


Custom injection molders: How did your machine capacity utilization in December 2014 compare with other molders? How about new mold orders? How did your machine-hour rates compare with those in your region, or nationally, for similar machine sizes? How do other molders see the outlook for business in the near future?


These and other questions will be answered—but only with your help—by our twice-yearly Custom Injection Molders Hourly Rates Survey. If you didn’t get an email request to fill out our online questionnaire form, or haven’t filled it out yet, please do so here. (If you have any difficulty with the link, cut and paste this URL into your browser address bar: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PTRATE42014?c=28000 


The survey is anonymous, so 100% confidential. We report the overall averages.


We have yet to collect enough responses to calculate meaningful results, so get your responses in promptly and we’ll be able to present the data in Plastics Technology’s April issue.


And if you’re not familiar with our Hourly Rates Survey, you can see the latest results (June 2014) here.


Thanks, and please contribute to this unique survey to see data on your industry that’s not available anywhere else.


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