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2/26/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Chinaplas 2014 shows its green side

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Traditional Chinese culture has five standard colors—green, red, yellow, white and black—which were associated with the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, respectively.


Chinaplas 2014 will have a ‘green’ tint all its own, even if plastics weren’t represented among the traditional elements, with the annual fair promoting sustainability in 2014 under the theme of “Greenovation – Solution to Sustainability”. Appropriately enough, the corresponding Chinese character [pictured] for green (technically green and blue or ‘qing’) is derived from a sprouting plant, which in today’s plastics industry could represent a resin feedstock.


Beyond plant-derived plastics and chemicals, however, Chinaplas organizer Adsale notes that in addition to the sustainability efforts of any of its 3000-plus exhibitors, spread over the three halls’ 220,000 square meters (2.4 million square feet) of exhibit space, Chinaplas 2014 will have two featured events promoting sustainability: “The City of Tomorrow” and “Green Conference”.

The future is green
“The City of Tomorrow” will be housed at Central Square of the exhibition center between Hall N5 and E7, and will run the length of the fair from April 23-26, with Bayer MaterialScience as the exclusive sponsor and the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) as the sustainability partner.

Adsale said the event will showcase sustainability via four aspects:

  • Green and Alternative Raw Materials
  • Energy-efficient Machinery
  • Plastics and Rubber Applications
  • Recycling

Visitors can explore green trends from manufacturing through end of the life via interactive displays and games.


Sustainable processing
The Green Conference, is a two-day event hosted by Adsale, Plastics Information Europe (PIE), and Association of Green Molding Solutions (AGMS). Taking place on the second and third day of the fair (April 24-25), its sessions include “Innovative Solutions for Plastic Recycling” and “Green Molding to Halve the Cost and Double the Wealth.” The conference will run from 9:30-12:30 in meeting room M19 between Hall E1 and E2.


The recycling portion will look at plastics recycling in China and Europe, with speakers from the CPPIA, among others. The molding event will feature speakers from the Association of Green Molding Solutions, Matsui, Risemold Laser Technology of Shanghai, an OPM Laboratory subsidiary, and CoreTech Systems Co. Ltd., which will discuss its Moldex3D software for molding simulation. Topics include technologies to reduce energy, resin and water usage; process control and cooling; MuCell’s microcellular foam technology; and conformal cooling.