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11/5/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Manual &Test Methods For In-Mold Label Tech Now Available

Originally titled 'Technical Manual &Test Methods For In-Mold Label Technology Now Available'
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AWA research and consultancy releases first-of-a-kindcompilation in the industry of test methods for in-mold labels.

What appears to be a unique publication, “In-Mold Label Technical Manual & Test Methods” has just been released by The Netherlands’ Alexander Watson Associates (AWA), a 44-year specialist firm in label and product decoration research and consultancy, with a focus on the specialty film, paper, packaging, coating and converting sector.


According to AWA, the new $85 manual (quantity discounts are available), is a first-of-a-kind project, which provides a compilation of a broad set of widely accepted standards. This first edition contains test methods, and will be added to accordingly in subsequent editions. Included are test methods for surface tension of plastic films; test methods of inks and coatings, such as adhesive coat weight for plastic films, adhesive coating uniformity, basic and advanced ink adhesion, and chemical resistance; and, test methods for printed labels such as die-cut label dimensions, label flatness, and electrostatic charging of labels. There is also a segment on label storage and packaging recommendations.


In-mold labels are a niche and growing labeling technology, which offer exciting opportunities to designers, material suppliers, converters, packaging technologists, and all involved in the value chain of their conversion and use. AWA says its new manual provides a cornerstone for improving the understanding of the basic characteristics that ensure the use of this unique product decoration technology.