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World's First 5th Generation 3D Printing Filament from New JV

Perstorp and 3D4Makers form ElogioAM to advance additive manufacturing.


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Facilan is said to be the world’s first fifth-generation 3D filament recently launched by ElogioAM—a new joint venture of Sweden’s Perstorp AB and The Netherlands’ 3D4Makers, which is currently pending approval from authorities.

To be based in Haarlem, Netherlands, ElogioAM aims to enable true deployment of additive manufacturing capability for medical, fashion, orthotics, advanced prototyping, modeling, industry and consumer markets, say the partners. ElogioAM already claims to have a unique product range in the Facilan family of 3D printing filaments, created from the ground up, always with safety in mind, and designed to outperform other filaments as follows:

  • Facilan C8 parts, for example, have higher impact and tensile strength than ABS filaments while being based on compostable raw materials.
  • Facilan C8 parts have a soft touch feel and are reportedly smoother than PLA and ABS parts.
  • Facilan PCL100 is a pure polycaprolactone filament that is being used by researchers in artificial muscle, drug-loaded implants, scaffolds and smart materials.

More developments are underway together with researchers of orthotics and insoles to develop new 3D printing solutions.

Said Perstorp’s executive v.p. Marie Gronborg, “Following the successful cooperation Perstorp and 3D4Makers have developed, and the introduction of the Facilan range of high-quality 3D printing filaments, I see the formation of the JV, ElogioAM as the next natural step to further accelerate the potential.”

Noted 3D4Makers co-founder Jan-Peter Wille, “We’re very proud to be working together with Perstorp—their specialty chemicals, additives and polymers knowledge has really made materials in 3D printing possible that we could only dream of. Better tolerance materials and high-performance parts is what really will put 3D printing on the factory floor and in the most cutting edge applications. Furthermore, Perstorp is quick, flexible and innovative, giving us a partner capable of innovating continuously in the dynamic 3D printing marker. ElogioAM is a very exciting development for us and we would like to thank our partners for their trust.”


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