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Get prompt answers to your specific questions about your plastics conveying problems – poor performance issues, expanding needs, maintenance, troubleshooting, material waste and more.

Many answers can be found in System Startup, Central System Maintenance and Troubleshooting an Established System but any question is welcome.

Jim Zinski - V.P System Design, Novatec, Inc.
Jim has over 20 years experience in designing and installing plastics conveying systems. He has degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University and brings a combination of engineering expertise, business knowledge and practical experience to plastics processors that's hard to match in the industry.

Please include relevant information that might influence the problem and the solution like:

  • Excessive spillage
  • Need material validation
  • Need reduction of energy usage
  • Need improved material selection
  • Poorly dried material
  • Need to reduce machine downtime
  • Machines starving for material
  • Line plugs
  • Low vacuum power
  • Obsolete controls
  • Mismatch of controls/equipment