Modern Drying Technology vs. Old

You can save $6,000 - $75,000/year/dryer…maybe more.

Many processors think once their dryer is paid for it’s free - but nothing could be further from the truth!

Old dryers cost processors untold millions in unnecessary utility costs. Could you save big by investing in a new dryer?

In most cases older dryers, just like old refrigerators and old cars, are energy hogs compared to dryers utilizing newer and more modern technology. This is not 100% true in every case but is certainly true when you compare older desiccant bead dryers to desiccant wheel dryers.

Energy cost examples below based on:

A single dryer, $ 0.10 /kwh and a drying temperature of 250˚ F. x 8400 hrs./year.

Dual Bed
Wheel Dryer

Saving Per Year Per Dryer


ROI in months


You may also be eligible for a tax rebates from your state or federal government or an energy rebate from your utility company which will save even more! Even if you finance the purchase, there is still the potential to save some serious money every month.

Here's how one company saved over $130,000/year on ONE DRYER!

Desiccant bead dryers (dual bed/twin tower and carousel types) use so much energy that replacement can be easily justified. Even if you keep the old desiccant bead dryer, adding the right gas-fired process heater can save thousands of dollars per month in energy costs!

We were recently contacted by a company processing PET at a rate of 3500 lb./hr.
They are using an old dual bed dryer and running about 8,000 hr./yr.

By switching to a 90% efficient gas-fired process heater and turning off the electric process heater - they will save over $130,000/year!

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