Fortus 3D Production Systems

Fortus 3D Production Systems use powerful Insight Software to turn CAD files into accurate, stable and durable prototypes, workholding tools or end-use parts. This advanced software automatically generates support structures and build paths. With Fortus digital manufacturing, you can create parts that are up to 300% stronger than those made with 3D printers, even when using the same materials.

Fortus 250mc

FORTUS 250mc 3D Production System Overview

The Fortus 250mc is our most affordable 3D production system, and it delivers flexibility and reliability. It's the only Fortus 3D Production System that uses ABSplus, which is up to 40 percent stronger than our standard ABS material.

System Highlights

  • Three layer resolutions
  • Nine material colors plus custom color options
  • Most affordable Fortus system


Fortu 360mc

FORTUS 360mc System Overview

Choose from two configurations of the Fortus 360mc 3D Production System. These systems have different build sizes and material bays, but both were designed for the most challenging applications requiring meticulous accuracy and precise repeatability.

System Highlights

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • High resolution and feature detail
  • Two build envelope options
  • Multiple build colors


Fortus 400mc

FORTUS 400mc 3D Production System Overview

The Fortus 400mc accommodates our widest range of production-grade thermoplastics and is engineered to provide accurate, repeatable builds. Select your material packages and build envelope sizes and pay only for the capabilities you need. Or, choose a configuration based on your preferred build sizes and number of material bays.

System Highlights

  • Widest variety of material options and custom configurations
  • Larger build envelope and multiple material bays for longer, unattended operation
  • Best surface finish and feature detail
  • Capable of multi-colored parts in a single build


Fortus 900mc

FORTUS 900mc 3D Production System Overview

Part tolerances distinguish the Fortus 900mc from other 3D systems. Designed and manufactured for the highest accuracy and repeatability, the 900mc speeds up conceptual modeling and functional prototyping while allowing for multiple iterations. The Fortus 900mc 3D Production System also has our highest throughput and envelope volume, making it appropriate for fabrication and assembly tools, as well as end-use parts.

System Highlights

  • Largest build envelope and highest throughput
  • Precision ball-screw technology for increased accuracy, repeatability and reliability
  • Model materials available to make parts for high-heat applications


Smoothing Station

Smoothing Station Overview 

The Finishing Touch Smoothing Station uses a semi-automated process for surface finishing of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) parts. The result is near injection-molded quality without the labor and cost associated with traditional 3D part manufacturing. In fact, Finishing Touch makes FDM parts 15 times smoother.* Use the Finishing Touch Smoothing Station with our entire family of ABS thermoplastics including: ABS-P400, ABSi, ABSplus, ABS-M30 and ABS-M30i.