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Metro Mold & Design Adds Four Injection Molding Machines

Minnesota based injection molder and blow molder invested a total of $4 million in equipment, including four Engel injection molding machines and Ilsemann Automation technology.


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Metro Mold & Design (MMD; Rogers, Minn.) recently added three hybrid Engel presses, as well as a new Victory Engel 340-Ton press, to its shop floor. A company spokesperson said the investment was spurred by a particular project, the details of which can’t be disclosed. The combined MMD and customer investment, including in high-speed Ilsemann automation technology, totaled $4 million.

The company now has 26 injection molding machines, ranging in clamp force from 60 to 720 tons. In addition, it has six blow molding presses and 10 thermoset presses, in its 127,000-ft2 facility.

In a release, the company said that as demand for personal care products grows, MMD is taking on more highly automated, long-run projects. The Engel machines are integrated directly with high-speed automation and advanced robotics within an individual work cell. MMD worked with automation supplier Ilsemann Automation to create the cell.

Metro Mold & Design Engel

Metro Mold & Design added three hybrid Engel presses, as well as a new Victory Engel 340-ton press.


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